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Esercito cinese: la guerra con gli Stati Uniti sotto Donald Trump non è solo slogan ma può diventare realtà

Lo scrive il South China Morning Post, citando il sito dell’esercito cinese. Qui di seguito l’articolo del giornale di Hong Kong, ripreso anche dal The Guardian.

China is stepping up preparedness for a possible military conflict with the US as the Donald Trump presidency has increased the risk of hostilities breaking out, state media and military observers said.

Beijing is bracing itself for a possible deterioration in Sino-US ties, with a particular emphasis on maritime security.

The People’s Liberation Army said in a commentary on its official website last Friday, the day of Trump’s inauguration, that the chances of war have become “more real” amid a more complex security situation in Asia Pacific.

The commentary written by an official at the national defence mobilisation department in the Central Military Commission said the call for a US rebalancing of its strategy in Asia, military deployments in the East and South China Seas and the instillation of a missile defence system in South Korea were hot spots getting closer to ignition.

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