Frena l’export cinese, per il secondo anno consecutivo

L’amministrazione delle dogane cinesi stamattina ha diffuso dati economici, come riporta l’articolo del South China Morning Post di seguito. I dati mostrano una frenata delle esportazioni che dura da due anni, dimostrato anche dai dati del mese scorso, dopo che a novembre si era ben sperato. L’export in Cina  a dicembre cede il 6,1% su base annua (a 209,4 miliardi di dollari), mentre l’import sale del 3,1% (a 168,5 miliardi): il saldo commerciale si attesta a 40,82 miliardi di dollari, in frenata rispetto ai 44,61 miliardi del mese precedente.  A novembre le esportazioni, dopo un lungo digiuno, erano tornate positive (+0,1%), con le importazioni a quota +6,7%.

China’s exports measured in US dollars fell again in 2016 amid a global economic slowdown, marking a rare two-year drop in Chinese shipments overseas.

Chinese trade officials warned that the country’s US$2 trillion export machine might continue to lose steam as China’s trade partners may become more hostile to Chinese products.

China’s exports in 2016 fell 7.7 per cent compared with 2015 in dollar terms, deepening from a 2.8 per cent fall the previous year, China customs data showed on Friday. Imports fell 5.5 per cent last year.

Exports fell 6.1 per cent in December from the same period the previous year in dollar terms, underperforming a fall of 4 per cent predicted by economists and set against the drop of 1.6 per cent in November.

Imports grew 3.1 per cent last month, in line with market expectations, but lower than the rise of four per cent in November.

Huang Songping, a spokesman with the General Administration of Customs, said at a press briefing that China would continue to see trade woes this year amid a complex global situation and economic downward pressures at home.

“The global political pattern will see huge changes this year, such as the Brexit departure from the European Union, elections in major European countries, the new presidency in the United States and the election of South Korea’s president. [These] will all bring changes to current policies and may exacerbate the momentum of trade protectionism globally,” said Huang.

The government will closely watch for trade policies after Trump takes office, he added.

The US was China’s second-largest trade partner and its biggest export market in 2016.

China’s trade surplus reached US$40.8 billion in December, narrowing from the surplus of US$44.6 billion the previous month.

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